Relationship Coaching that teaches couples the lifestyle it takes to actually make it in today's world. 

What's Up with our Name?

To us, Becoming Committed is SO much more than just a name. Becoming implies a process. We feel that becoming never really ends. It's something you will always be doing. Becoming better versions of yourselves...then the best team together.  Committed is a type of dedication that is above all else. Wholeheartedly committed means you stay loyal to it even after the time has passed of the mood you were in since you said it. You are not always going to FEEL like it..and yet that's what makes commitment so special.  Together...Becoming Committed is a LIFESTYLE. Not a perfect lifestyle, but an Intentional one. 

The 5 Pillars of Becoming Committed

Laughing at the Diner

Partner Personality

Are you more introverted or extroverted?

Do you do well with change?

Do you feel like you are an emotionally steady person? '

Finding out each of your personality styles will bring awareness so you

can work more efficiently as a team! 


Money Freedom

Imagine talking about money with your partner and NOT arguing! This will be a reality with the skills we will teach you. We will talk about money habits, spending styles, and navigating financial decisions. 

Couple with their Baby


Adding kids to the mix is a HUGE change for a relationship. Ensuring your relationship thrives while making parenting decisions is critical for family success. 



It's common to feel like one partner is doing more around the house than the other. We will help you map out what works for your unique family so that everyone is on the same page. 


It's not just about sex. We dive into emotional intimacy here as well. We talk about satisfaction in this area for both partners. This topic can be very emotional and sometimes difficult to talk about, but together we will get through these conversations.

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Ways To Work With Us

What if you two were more connected than ever?

What if you had the skills to take the pressure off?

What if you had the words to navigate the holiday conversations?

Group Coaching

  • 5 virtual group coaching sessions (Partner Personality, Money Freedom, Parenting, Roles, Intimacy)

  • #1 Relationship Assessment

  • Guided Group Virtual Skills Practice

  • Unlimited Email Coaching

  • Private Group Chat for accountability and community.

  • Discount Pricing on ALL future coaching purchases. 


***Note: Each group is capped at 12 couples***



  • 5 months of private coaching 

  • The #1 Relationship Assessment + Delivered Results

  • Guided Virtual Skills Practice

  • Unlimited Email Coaching

  • Graduate Pricing on ALL future training

  • Special Graduate Gift

Do you need a speaker for your event?

We book all kinds of speaking things from podcasts --> in-person groups! We have some pre-planned topics but we can also cater it to what you are looking for as well! Reach out and let us answer your questons! 

"If you’re looking for warm, relatable relationship coaches for your event or podcast, Sarah and Chris are it! They prepped meticulously for our interview, basically providing us an outline and questions that made our job so easy. If only every guest was like this! Even better, their content is relevant to any audience. Good communication is a skill, and nowhere is it more important than in a marriage! Sarah and Chris coach candid, loving, fair communication, without judgment. They are as relatable to long term couples as they are to newlyweds! It’s never too late to decide to work on the most important relationship in your life, and these two offer actionable advice that is not only doable but fun."

Amanda Kessler 

Best Friends Finance Podcast

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Planning 2.JPG

Do you have 

10 minutes?

The one meeting you

can't afford to miss. 

Ever felt like all you do is work, parent, and run errands?? By Friday you both sit down EXHAUSTED, but out of the corner of your eye, you see that To-Do list you made last week sitting on the counter. You think for a moment how am I this exhausted yet NOTHING on our list got checked off. You were both so BUSY...but doing what?!


If you are nodding your head right now you need our weekly check-in. You need it badly. 


Download our guide and you will learn how to....

  • prioritize what tasks are important to you both

  • break down your goals 

  • how to get MORE time in your week

  • have more efficient communication around topics that might have once been difficult to talk about

The only thing you will wonder is how you survived without this in your life for so long!

Meet Chris + Sarah

Chris + Sarah Helms are both children of divorced parents. That simple fact makes them 91% more likely to have their marriage also end in divorce. They have the odds stacked against them, but they are pushing back and are determined not to be another statistic. After 16 years together (8 of them married and a toddler in the mix) they are determined to help modern couples navigate conflict and communicate efficiently! They are currently living in Denver, CO with their toddler Addison. You can work with them in private coaching, group coaching or even book them for your next speaking engagtement!

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